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Proud Somali/American rap artist, DHIFO SHAACIR, I'm,Young Dreamerz Empire Entertainment!!!!, I am a Publisher, Producer, ,Singer, Songwriter, 2018 Best R&B/Hip hop. I Was born 1987 Middle Jubba Somali, Bu`ale, Small village farmer -Aanole, The horn of Africa Poet land East Africa.

My name is Abdulrazak Hussein, well Known stage name, Dhifo Shaacir. Civil war in Somali, 1991 We move to Refugee camp in Kenya. I was 6 years old when I experienced war, refugee Camp in Kenya. overcrowded and spreading deseases and many more, I endure a lot of hardships and I decided to rap about the benefit of Peace, reconciliation, equality, education. human rights, in my homeland as well as whole continent.

I came in United States when I was 17 years old, producing music makes me happy. I started 2009, and release my first single, Official Video music,(2011 DHIFO SHAACIR,Ku, dhufo ka dhaqaaq ).

I enjoy being creative and entertaining the community with positive energy, experience and talent. Join me on my journey, I am independent recording artist, my own record. Label, #YOUNG DREAMERZ EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT. -"PEACE WANTED PRE-album, Party" is 09.30.2018. ” My new album dropping on 09.29.2018. The mystery album!.

This album has taken me to prepare more than 6 year. Dedicated hard work Young Dreamerz Empire record.!!! First album, buy Dhifo Shaacir music this album will show the listeners The true picture of the homeland on the song (ku dhufo kadhaqaaq) and The whole world like (2018 - Peace wanted official song) (2018 Eid-Mubarak, - Featuring, AB Dreamer)

PEACE WANTED Vol -10 is out on 09.29.18 every song have a message. There is no reason making a song with out Carrying message. Ladies and gentlemen Tune in Dhifo Shaacir music! thanks to my fans. Let them know, Share .like.. subscribe...follow..thanks for the support, Dhifo Shaacir music @Young Dreamerz Empire Entertainment!!!!.☝️ Thanks for interesting my story. I wish you all the best......

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